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Mathematics Lead Practitioner

  • Lessons are tailored to enhance your child’s confidence so they achieve their true potential
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Raj Kumar has over 20 years experience of teaching mathematics in secondary schools in Yorkshire. He has been a Mathematics Adviser for over 10 years, playing a significant role in raising standards in mathematics. He has experience of working alongside a variety of senior leadership teams to support teachers and students to raise attainment and improve progress in mathematics. Raj firmly believes in the power of collaboration around planning, teaching and reviewing impact.

As an independent lead practitioner he now works with the National STEM Centre, the National Centre for Excellence in the Teaching of Mathematics, the Further Maths Support Programme, several Maths Hubs and Teaching Schools.

Raj supports the improvement of teaching and learning in mathematics classroom through coaching, modelling and team teaching. He enjoys leading professional development of all types and has developed a rich repertoire of supportive and engaging ways of challenging thinking and stimulating ideas.

Raj was a member of the National Strategies’ mathematics pedagogy group and has helped write materials that have been distributed to all maintained schools in England.  He has also written many resources to support teachers and mathematics teams. He is passionate about mathematics and believes that the teaching of key concepts is crucial to successful learning.


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Hi, Many thanks for your super comments. It’s great to hear that the links, videos and resources are helping students around the world in developing a deeper understanding of Mathematics. Thanks a Googolplex. 🙂 Best wishes, Raj. (Manager of Mathtastic)

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Understanding Mathematics helps us to make sense of the world around us! What is mathematics? What does it mean to ‘understand’ mathematics? How do we support our students & teachers in achieving this ‘understanding’ of mathematics?


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